This project is a data generation library for services. It can be used locally or as a tool to create randomly created data based on configuration into the services for testing, experimentation or however or whatever you may need data in for. For more information on the library ping me @adron or on Twitter @ the same.

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The purpose of this library is to provide a configuration based way to generate data and get that data into a data source, initially that data source is


In this project we've used several projects, all available via NPM. These projects include: orchestrate.js and chance.js.

Got a Pull Request? Helping Out:

To help out on the symphonize project I've added the following documentation and issues to that can be knocked out pretty easily. As the project moves forward I'll work to keep the issues list stocked with appropriate items as they're needed and ready to work on. However, here's a few quick reads before getting started.

  1. /tests/ is a file with information around which files include which tests and what the ongoing approach is to writing tests against the project.
  2. provides a high level overview of what the project does (or will do) related to data generation. It provides examples and other material as if all of these features are implemented. To see what actually needs worked on and implemented however, check out the issues list for items that are ready to work on. For a visual queue of these items check out the Huboard Kanban chart with the list of issues.
  3. Bookmark this site as it will be the central github pages for the project. This is where I'll work to provide all documentation and project information in a centrally located place.