This is a repo of notes and related things per my Twitch streaming.

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Market Your Stream

These are listed in an order to ensure they’re effective and useful to those prospectively viewing your streams. Items marked with a ^ are suggestions that I rank as a higher return action versus some of the others. Items marked with a )) are items that can be done once and return over time is fairly decent.

  1. ^ Schedule your streams ahead of time. Setup that schedule and post the events on Twitch under the events section. Post them via the dashboard events listing here and view them via the follower interface here.
  2. ^ Blog it, like I attemp to here on my Thrashing Composite Code Blog.
  3. ^ Tweet it. Follow good practice and use appropriate spaces between lines and state specific simple things, with emoji icons per line, with a link to the place the stream will occur. A reasonable example of this is the tweet under the copy section below. Also note the additional hashtags in option 2 in that section, which gets a tweet of a twitch stream retweeted to a larger audience.
  4. Reddit. Post in the WatchPeopleCode subreddit.
  5. LinkedIn. Post in the feed. Possibly post in other locations depending on what you’re connected with and to whom.
  6. Facebook. Reluctantly, yes, one ought to post this on Facebook probably.
  7. Got an email newsletter or something like Mailchimp? Send out when you schedule an event and the moment you go live (maybe? depending on what your newsletter is for).
  8. )) If you’ve got an active Discord, then post it there too. I use for that.
  9. Use multi-stream to stream to more than a few single channgels with Don’t do this however if you want to monetize any of the streams, I believe it’s often against the rules.
  10. )) Get a pull request in at the awesome-developer-streams
  11. )) Sign up and get listed on shipstreams ex: adron.
  12. Get listed on StreamElement ex: adronhall.

Other Possible Mediums (I’m still researching their efficacy)


The copy & messaging should be useful, with links, and related material when posting on these mediums. This is something that should be posted to all of the highlighted mediums above (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc) at the time the stream starts. Ideally during an intro video countdown.

Copy 1 Example

📹 Starting a new stream hacking session right now.

🤘🏻 Will thrash for a few minutes while we crew up.

📺 Live NOW at [Follow]

✍🏻 Will blog when done:

📽️ Archived at [subscribe]:

#cloud #data #devops #video #developer #infrastructure #cloudcomputing #programming #coding

Copy 2 Example

📹 Starting a new stream hacking session right now.

🤘🏻 Will thrash for a few minutes while we crew up.

📺 Live NOW at [Follow]

@TwitchTVOnline @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchSharing @TwitchRetweetr @TwitchRetweetsU @Twitch_RT @share_stream #Twitch #coding #programming #hacking #heavymetal