This is a repo of notes and related things per my Twitch streaming.

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This doc is basically a description of what behaviors are expected, not expected among the online streamer communities. As Ambrose wrote, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Same situation here.

More to come… TBD.


Chat works a bunch of different ways depending on what you’re watching (i.e. gaming vs. coding vs. cam attention seeker vs. “just chatting” vs. makers etc,. etc). I won’t even approach the element of the game sector, there’s a whole host of garbage in that scene that toutes a lot of myopic, misogynistic, bigotted, sometimes racist, droves of trash fire level garbase so it’ll get it’s own doc maybe. I’m going to instead focus on a few different sections of chat below that outline what and how things happen in constructive chat among communities that have useful, interesting, intelligent, educational, and fun things going on. Specifically, the following content about chat is related to Twitch Chat and topics.

Raid / Raiding

A raid is a specific Twitch feature. If you’re streaming, and wrapping up, a fun thing to do is to raid another person’s stream that is currently active. In chat, the command follows the /raid @userNameHere structure. The idea is, you help out fellow streamers by raiding their channel when you’re done and they will then sometimes raid your channel and bring their viewers on to your active stream. Repeat, vice versa and it’s just a fun addition that becomes a notable activity to undertake while streaming.

Great Clipped Twitch Moments