This is a repo of notes and related things per my Twitch streaming.

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Streaming Hardware

Video overview of my overall gear and transit setup for recording in office and on the go.


Mouse & Keyboard Options

I use a number of keyboards and mice, trackballs, etc depending on what I am doing at a particular time. When remote in a coffee shop and I need a solid pointer option, I use a trackball. I don’t need to move it all over a space like a mouse, and it’s not as annoying as a trackpad. For any office style environment, at home or at an actual office, I use a silent mouse with high DPI or a gaming mouse with click and mechanical keyboard if it isn’t necessary to be super silent. I’ve broken out the gear below into the respective options for each environment, by environment.

2018 Dell XPS 15

Some details on this machine, I wrote two posts so far getting this laptop operational:


2015 Mac Book Pro


2015 Dell XPS 13




Old Equipment Sold or No Longer Used

2017 Mac Book Pro


2017 System 76 Leopard Workstation


Sadly, as of last week (cember 15th~) this machine’s power supply arced out over a surge or something. A replacement power supply has arrived, which I swapped out, however now the motherboard appears to be toast also. The troubleshooting process continues, slow, steady, and unproductive so far. In the meantime it’s all laptops for all the streaming.