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There are several key lists and topics I create videos for my VLOG. These include:

  1. Music VLOGs - Both reaction videos of bands, videos, songs, my own writings, songs, and vinyl/CD album reviews.
  2. Filestyle & Travel - I’m a car free person that tends to take lots of trips via bicycle and trains, and to make things more complex and adventurous I live (as you may have already noticed) in the United States where often car/auto-dependency is the norm and the way I live an extreme outlier. But I made this decision years ago and it’s only improved my life dramatically, so that’s what this topic realm is about.
  3. Programming & Related Tech - This topic is generally the bread and butter money making topic I tackle. However I tend to tackle it from the professional point of view, that of deploying products and services for clients that I work for, I also delve into this topic from the point of view of my own personal interest in this realm.

The Blogs

I have three blogs that relate to the above. This is the mapping. In “transit nerd” speak I often have posts that interline with each other - or specifically, they link to each other when the topic crosses over to the other in relation. Such as when I post about a record recon mission to discover a record store while on travel for work related programming efforts. In that case all three blogs might have linked together posts.