Build a Kubernetes Cluster on Azure with Terraform


In the previous post I wrote about building a Kubernetes Cluster with Terraform, I covered the bases of building a cluster in Google Cloud Platform. Today I’m going to tackle the Azure Platform. There are a lot of similarities being the same task, but there are some differences which I’ll take a look at. The repository to this write up is located in another_new_world on Github.

First things first, locally you’ll want to have the respective CLI tools installed for Azure, Terraform, and Kubernetes.


15. November 2017

Chaos, Presentations, and Thrashing Code Metal Monday for November, 6th 2017


This week I’ve got two talks with Lena (@Lenadroid) lined up today and tomorrow with titled “Inception, Workflow, to $Deployed$“. Tonight’s .netda is at Microsoft in Building 34 and tomorrow will be in downtown Seattle at Parametric Portfolio Associates. Hope to see you there, and for monday…


06. November 2017

Thrashing Code Metal Monday for Week of October 30th 2017

I’ll start with some tunes today. It seems like a good day for a swashbuckling adventure, especially with Halloween tomorrow and all. With the tunes rocking, let’s talk upcoming meetups real quick, then the code challenge and two additional epic tunes to get some coding done to.

Also to mention, next week I’ll be presenting with @Lenadroid at the .NET Developer’s Association meetups in downtown Seattle @ Parametric Portfolio Associates and in Redmond at Microsoft Building 34. I hope you’ll join us there for the presentation and chats after.


30. October 2017

Thrashing Code Metal Monday for Week of October 23rd 2017

This has been a ridiculously productive Monday. I’ve got a lot of communications kicked off and some continued on a number of key points of business. I’ve also been involved with editing, writing, and getting a number blog entries posted today besides this one.

Now I’m kicking back and chilling for a few on the couch and it was just time for some relaxing metal tunes. These are different then the ones I often post, which tend toward waking up and kicking off Monday with attitude. But before diving into the metal this grand Monday, let’s talk about a code challenge shall we?


23. October 2017

Build a Kubernetes Cluster on Google Cloud Platform with Terraform


In this blog entry I’m going to detail the exact configuration and cover in some additional details the collateral resources you can expect to find once the configuration is executed against with Terraform. For the repository to this write up, I create our_new_world available on Github.

A lot of this material I wrote about with Setting up a GCP Container Cluster - Part I and Setting up a GCP Container Cluster - Part II. I had started on a Part 3 around setting up on a Kubernetes/GCP Container Cluster but stopped midway through with other demands. This post is a more up to date post of all those things plus more. With this post completed I’ve stepped back into getting setup and am now finally finishing that blog entry! #win!

First things first, locally you’ll want to have the respective CLI tools installed for Google Cloud Platform, Terraform, and Kubernetes.


23. October 2017

Thrashing Code Metal Monday for Week of October 16th 2017

It’s not Monday anymore, but we still need some heavy music to debug to. Late better than never, here’s the fire.

Flip this around to some In This Moment with a flashback to the… ya know, previous decades.


17. October 2017

Thrashing Code Metal Monday for Week of October 9th 2017

Alright, this Thrashing Code Metal Monday is going hard core sideways, with something a little different.

First up, which will give you a solid 10 minutes plus of wake up, is Driving Spain up a Wall by the creative smash you in the face band City of Caterpillar.

Next up is a another kick ass band with Bad Brains. Get a taste of early stuff and later material, like one I dig is Rise. There’s a bunch of other tunes that are spastic and frantic as you need. Throw around and check them out.


09. October 2017

The Three States of Roadways

A few weeks ago I posed a code challenge that was extremely open ended. It left a lot of elements to the imagination of the reader of the problem to research, determine, or just make up. In that same sense, here is the question that I posed on Monday, September the 18th. The code challenge as I was saying wasn’t some simple, solve it in 5 minutes, type of thing. This was something where we humans actually have real problems to solve in the world. So here we go, this is going to get seriously intense (and long cuz’ I’m gonna describe every bit of my process). I’ll start with a quick recap of the problem.

Given that roadways have three primary functions they’re used for: active transport, storage or parking, and nil or no use. Solve for what percentage of time a roadway experiences each. Details are further elaborated on here:

Ask: Well what type of road is it, how many lanes, how many parking spots? What is the layout?

Answer: Here are three types of roads specifically to solve for in a first attempt. These are specified just to have a starting point.

NOTE: I added pictures of the road types by using Street Mix. If you’re interested in road alignments then this tool might consume a few hours of your day, so beware!


04. October 2017

Thrashing Code Metal Monday for Week of October 2nd 2017

Ah, this one has the soul and groove that the Swedes have been bringing to the show lately. A little Ghost B.C. (or simply Ghost these days) and The Great Discord.

In addition I’ve got a new Metal Monday Coding Challenge and Wednesday I’ll have some answers to the first Metal Monday Coding Challenge. If you’ve not solved it, or attempted to put the information together necessary for that problem to be solved do so now! I WILL PAY THE VICTOR WITH A SOLID ANSWER $100.00!!


02. October 2017